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From 1969 at your service

The Taxi Cooperative in Palermo Autoradiotaxi has been operating in the public transport sector since 1969. It boasts a vast fleet of 150 taxis that are comfortable and super-equipped with the DIGITAX system for locating the cars, including sedans, station wagons and minivans, which allow us to carry up to 8 people. In addition to the common Taxi service, the Cooperative organizes Conferences and Congresses on request , coordinating with the relevant Bodies and facilitating them logistically in terms of management with regards to transport.
Drivers speak foreign languages.

The switchboard is in operation 24 h, with direct call in 25 city parking areas , the operators will be at your disposal giving you all the information regarding route costs, places to visit, and will advise you on hotels, restaurants , pubs and everything that can make your stay satisfactory.
Always attentive to customer needs, the Cooperative proposes and maintains agreements with the most prestigious bodies.

We are also promoters of Innovative Initiatives and at the service of the Citizen for a more usable use of the Service, implementing in Propositive Techniques / Software terms in the search for increasingly affordable solutions for everyone .

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Taxi services

More and more innovative serivi to book your taxi with a simple click

Airport transfer service

Convenient service on bookings from and to the airport starting from € 35.00

Monumental Tours

Visit our Palermo thanks to the convenience of the Monument Tour on a predefined route

Taxi Sharing

Today you can save money share your taxi by booking it from the comfort of your home 24 hours.
Service starting from € 10
By Airport and more!

Payment by Credit Card / Conventions

You can conveniently pay for our services by Credit Card / Bancomat directly on Taxi or sign agreements with many advantages.

Our Services

Our Services

Airport Transfer

We provide a convenient Transfer service to or from the airport starting from € 35.00. To book, simply click and book your taxi in advance.

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Our Services

Monumental Tours

Visit the monuments of our Palermo and our Sicily , thanks to the Tour Service which provides comfortable taxis up to 8 seats, with a driver who knows foreign languages.
Payment also by credit card

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Our Services

Taxi Sharing

The Sharing taxi is a Low Cost service that allows you to save money by sharing your taxi and also booking through WhatApp .
Comfortably from home, book your taxi 24 hours in advance also for the airport from € 10

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Our Conventions / Conference Organization

The AutoradioTaxi Cooperative offers a service in agreement with numerous institutions, giving the possibility to take advantage of a dedicated discount. We also logistically organize transportation for conferences and events in general.

Our Convention Bodies benefit from dedicated discounts on our services.


Dedicated discounts

Payment can also be made by voucher or monthly with invoice issuing services.


Payment by voucher

Even for convention services it is possible to pay conveniently with ATM / Credit Card